Frequently asked questions

The UKs first watch club that sends out brand new great quality watches every month to our members. Time Monthly are always working hard to ensure our members get the best watches sent to their door each day. Subscribe here

How does it work?

 We have tried to make it very simple, so here goes...If you  sign up between the 11th and the last day of the month you will be added on the next shipment (on or around 4th of the following month). The renewal date  will be the 11th of each month (this is the date the payment will be made from your account). When the monthly subscription has been successfully paid,  we will then place you on the shipment list The next step is the good bit, sit back and wait for your brand-new watch to be delivered to your door, enjoy and remember to post on social media. 

Are they good quality watches?

Yes, they're awesome! We hand select all the watches that we send out and if they do not meet our strict quality standards then they simply do not get sent out to our members.

What's the postage cost?

The postage will be just £3.95 per watch (UK).

How quickly will I receive my watch?

We aim to ship our watches out on or around the 4th of each month. Make sure you sign up before the cut off date (last day of the month) to ensure you get the watch that is sent out on or around the 4th.

What if the watch isn't to my liking?

We unfortunately do not accept refunds, but we supply each watch as it would come from the manufacturer so if you have to, you can pass the watch on as a gift or sell.

Is there only one package available?

Currently yes but don't worry, the team at Time Monthly are in contact with some mid range suppliers in the watch game...maybe a new tier soon...

What if I want to cancel?

There are no cancellation penalties associated with terminating your monthly  subscription, unless you cancel after the next billing date (on or around 4th of each month), in this case you would just receive the next months watch.