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How and Why Time Monthly started?


I'm Sunny, the founder of the Time Monthly Watch Club and the man behind arranging the watches for our members! I hope you look them so far. Nothing too wild about me, just a regular guy who started the club after researching the watch market for years. I found that that the industry is changing rapidly and a lot of small brands are not getting enough exposure and therefore, a lot of great watches are being lost when the company folds!

So I started this club as a hobby but then realised that there could be some scope to make a business out of it! Our margins are small so right now it is a hobby and it's great being able to introduce you guys to new exciting brands who make awesome watches! Who knows what's around the corner...

As a watch enthusiast, the mechanics of a watch fascinate me and I’ve always been interested in knowing how things work! I have been collecting watches for so many years, I’ve had a lot of ‘not so great’ watches and some lovely pieces too but have always thought, why the hefty price tag for these watches? Why can’t everybody afford to have a decent or several decent watches. 

I mean, we buy other fashion items frequently, why not watches?

Head to our About page and read up about our Mission and the Future of the Time Monthly Watch Club



Check out the latest watch on the link below from Toro Luna as well as our entire collection...

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